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Limerick Institute of Technology and QUESTUM are happy to discuss with start-up and early stage companies their needs for enterprise or research space in QUESTUM. It is intended that the provision of such space and associated supports and services can act as a springboard to help businesses develop and grow.

The QUESTUM Enterprise and Research Centre offers not only the enterprise space, but also the necessary 'wrap-round' supports that are required to promote business develop, such as access to business mentoring and management development, opportunities to network locally and internationally as well as access to researchers to help with product development.

Potential clients should contact the Centre Manager at or 0504 28027 to discuss their requirements and how LIT and QUESTUM can help to satisfy them.

Currently QUESTUM has six HPSU resident-client companies, operating across a range of sectors:


“Supplier of vision solutions to industry”

Advanced Plasma Tech

“Surface Engineering Technology and machinery and Particulate Powder Technology”

Shorla Pharma

“Innovative pharmaceutical therapies focused on women’s and paediatric health”


“Using plasma technology to develop targeted therapeutic delivery to enhance wound care”


“Manufacturer of excipients, process solutions, buffers and active pharmaceutical ingredients”

Post Partum Relief

“Award winning innovative Irish company, developing products for new mothers to help them in their recovery after birth”

Also in QUESTUM are a number of non-HPSU resident-client companies:

Anu Pictures

“An independent film production company established by New York and Ireland based filmmaker Dónal Ó Céilleachair to synthesize over 25 years of experience across the independent film landscape”

County Tipperary Chamber

“Network with other businesses to help maximise and grow your business”

County Tipperary Skillnet

“Providing subsidised workforce development & specialised training through enterprise led learning”

Currently QUESTUM clients have 23 employees with a typical HPSU salary of €50,000. Each HPSU type job is estimated to create 4-5 additional jobs elsewhere in the economy, with an average salary of €27,000* *

*Based on CSO data

The estimated direct annual economic effect of QUESTUM clients is 23 x €50,000 = €1,150,000

The estimated indirect annual economic effect of QUESTUM clients is 92 x €27,000 = €2,484,000

The estimated annual economic effect of QUESTUM on the local and regional economy is €3,634,000