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Limerick Institute of Technology and QUĘSTUM are happy to discuss with start-up and early stage companies their needs for enterprise or research space in QUĘSTUM. It is intended that the provision of such space and associated supports and services can act as a springboard to help businesses develop and grow.

The QUĘSTUM Enterprise and Research Centre offers not only the enterprise space, but also the necessary 'wrap-round' supports that are required to promote business develop, such as access to business mentoring and management development, opportunities to network locally and internationally as well as access to researchers to help with product development.

Potential clients should contact the Centre Manager at or 0504 28027 to discuss their requirements and how LIT and QUĘSTUM can help to satisfy them.

To date QUESTUM has six HPSU client companies active across a range of sectors:

Industrial IT – One Box Vision: high level visual inspection

Integrated IT solutions – COMITASS: secure wireless/networks, data management/analytics, smart building management

Serialisation – Covectra: theft and counterfeit prevention

Mass Spectrometry – EireChrom: quality/impurity testing and R&D

Pharmaceutical – A&C Chemicals: excipients and bespoke product supplier

Barcoding & Scanning Technologies – VisionID: pharma/medical and healthcare

Currently QUESTUM clients have 23 employees with a typical HPSU salary of €50,000. Each HPSU type job is estimated to create 4-5 additional jobs elsewhere in the economy, with an average salary of €27,000*

*Based on CSO data

The estimated direct annual economic effect of QUESTUM clients is 23 x €50,000 = €1,150,000

The estimated indirect annual economic effect of QUESTUM clients is 92 x €27,000 = €2,484,000

The estimated annual economic effect of QUESTUM on the local and regional economy is €3,634,000