The QuestStars marks the achievements and success of our clients past and present, but also the preparation, bravery and sacrifice these people give to their quest for success.

Questum reflects their own approach to supporting transformation in business, where similar qualities are demanded. Everything that makes QuestStars exceptional applies to successful leaders in their business. Below are some of the great clients that have been successfully developing their innovative businesses while also making a great change in their respected industries.

Shorla Oncology

Established in 2018 by Sharon Cunningham and Orlaith Ryan, Shorla Oncology is a privately held, Ireland- and U.S.-based specialty pharmaceutical company with an advanced pipeline of innovative oncology drugs for women's, orphan and pediatric cancers. The company concentrates on indications where existing treatments are limited, in shortage or inadequate for the target population. Shorla's growing portfolio brings accessible, affordable and life-saving treatments to patients, delivering a major contribution to patient care.

A&C Bio Buffer

A&C Bio Buffer’s R&D team has experience with complex custom solutions and have successfully completed many technology transfers from our customers who are wishing to outsource their buffer manufacturing. A&C works with a variety of products at its dedicated liquid GMP manufacturing facility in Ireland and its two GMP manufacturing facilities in Canada.


TheraDep™ Technologies addresses the profound medical need for an entirely new method of local, targeted, non-systemic delivery of a broad range of pure, active biologic materials or drugs. TheraDep can potentially provide affordable treatment for numerous medical conditions and impact the performance of certain medical devices.


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